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How to send confidential messages in Gmail [Learn Now]

hey, today I will explain the procedure to send confidential messages in Gmail

you can send messages confidentially in Gmail confidential mode.

we will use this method to prevent unauthorized access to our messages.

Note: Confidential mode doesn’t available in classic Gmail.

open your Gmail in standard mode.

click compose

at the bottom right of the window, click turn on confidential mode.

send confidential messages in gmail

a popup will open to you. here you have to set expiration date and passcode.

send confidential messages in gmail

here you can observe two options “No SMS passcode” and “SMS passcode”.

if you select “No SMS passcode” option, the receiver can directly open the message.

receiver have to enter the passcode if you selected “SMS passcode” option.

click save.

click send.

ya, you have successfully sent the confidential email.

here you can stop to view the email before the expiration date.

open Gmail and click sent

open that confidential email and click remove access. done

I hope this article on how to send confidential messages in Gmail will help you. if you love this article, plz share it with your friends.

have a great day

thank you

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